Port Terminals

Agriculture Tour to the Pampas 2018

We visited the Rosario port area, located at the shore of the Paraná River,(North west of Buenos Aires). Around Argentina’s second largest city we find the largest concentration of oil crushing seed and biodiesel plants in the world. There are 32 grain terminals loading grain, oilseed and its by-products for export. About 80 % of total exports of Argentina pass through the Paraná River, where transatlantic cargo ships may go up to 500 km NW of the Atlantic Ocean. The river is dredged to 32 feet deep all the way to aprox.. 50 km North of Rosario. Barges come 3000 km South from Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay and Northern Argentina, through the Paraná/Paraguay Waterway. 

Grain carriers known as Panamax (maximum size to fit into the Panamá canal), may load up to 60 % of the total load, topping of in the Atlantic ports: Ingeniero White in Bahía Blanca and Quequén, Necochea (both ports south of Buenos Aires).

The waterway is the cheapest form to move the grain,  making it vital for the Argentine export economy.