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Top Boy is available to stream on Netflix now. In a statement, Top Boy creator Ronan Bennett said: "I am delighted to be reunited once more with the Top Boy team, our wonderful cast and to have Drake as a new collaborator.

The show follows the rise of Dushane and his friend Sully in the dangerous underground drugs business. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Back in 2015, it was reported that Drake had offered to fund a third series of the show. After six years Top Boy was brought back to your screens thanks to Netflix.

While he’s been incredibly supportive of the new series, he’s also retweeted a number of fans who seem perplexed by Ra’Nell’s absence. Well, Jason is all grown up now but things have only worsened for him: His mother died, he has no family, and he's selling drugs to make ends meet. He's previously played roles on shows such as Ice, 24: Legacy and Beowulf: Returns to the Shieldlands... We weren't too sure if Ricky Smarts was going to be back until the official word came from Netflix and IMDb. The show will bring back the original cast and also some new faces: In season three, Ashley Walter's character Dushane returns to London after a lengthy time in Kingston, Jamaica. Our journalists strive for accuracy but on occasion we make mistakes. 17.

You can watch the third series NOW - it was released on September 13.

Could this line hint at Modie’s past as the vulnerable Ra’Nell before reinventing himself as the ‘top boy’ of Summerhouse?

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The actor, who plays Jason in the show, was known for wearing larger than life puffy jackets in season two, which fans found rather hilarious. READ MORE: Top Boy recap: What happened in Top Boy Summerhouse seasons 1 and 2? Top Boy season 3: What happened to Tilly? Biography Edit Modie first came on the scene in episode 1 of series 3. we are first introduced to him when he jumps the queue in prison when everyone was getting their breakfast. Archived. Top Boy: Actor Kamulete retweeted several fans, Top Boy: The 3 clues that pointed at Lee and Sarah’s real identity. Is it the same actor from Top Boy Summerhouse?

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Top Boy: Ra'Nell is season 1 of Summerhouse, Top Boy: Rappr Dave on stage at the Mercury Awards.

Close. The two aren't on good terms at the beginning of the series, mainly because Dushane had disappeared to Jamaica while Sully continued hustling in the streets of London.

Are they just famous over there?

We will use your email address only for sending you newsletters. Did Jermaine die? After all, Gem (Giacomo Mancini) and Ra’Nell were in the same year at school and he’s also grown up now.

Dave stars as Modie UK rapper Dave is making his acting debut in the third series of the gritty show.

While their ages aren’t disclosed in Top Boy, both Modie and Ra’Nell would likely be in their early 20s. "And I could not be prouder to be doing the show with Netflix.". With the pair obviously knowing each other from the estate and very little of Modie's history revealed, could he despise Sully for what he did to him as Ra’Nell? Top Boy ending: Is Jermaine in Top Boy alive? However, in Netflix’s revamped Top Boy he’s nowhere to be seen. View our online Press Pack. Top Boy season 3: What happened to Ats in Top Boy?

They'll also have to wait and see if fellow newcomers Jaq (Jasmine Jobson) and Ats (Keiyon Cook) could return. Dave said ‘I used to be Ra’Nell’ in a song. Prior to his release, Sully threw acid in Modie's face, but it's only a matter of time before he also gets released and seeks revenge. For other inquiries, Contact Us. Top Boy season 3 cast: Who stars in Top Boy? The Sun website is regulated by the Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO). Modie is on the phone to Layton to tell him to kill Sully but Layton fails to kill Sully which causes a war between the fields crew and summerhouse. When Sully doesn’t take too kindly, Modie tells him: “Ay, Sully.

He added: "In all honesty I'm more happy for you guys than myself. Dave = "Modie" = Ra`nell.

Upon his return, he decides to get back into the drug business, having struck a deal with a drug lord that will earn him and his client a lot of money.

Is she really dead? READ MORE: Top Boy ending: Is Jermaine in Top Boy alive? Modie escapes prison with the help of Sully's cousin Jermaine, he is all over the police radar but seems to act normal over it, he comes back to the crew and tells everyone he is taking back the crew which Jamie doesn't like and makes Jamie give him his supplier Lizzie which he tries to refuse, she is kidnapped by Dushane and Sully. Modie is a hot headed, dumb, former leader of the fields, he is the main antagonist in both Jamie & Sully's storyline, his portrayed by UK rapper Dave.

We're going back to Summerhouse. And in 2017 the rapper told The Hollywood Reporter how he had been enthralled by the series after catching it on YouTube.

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