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I think the worst part is, when you fail the speech check and then talk to Johanka, she gets mad at you for talking shit to him and says he isn’t really that bad. –> He has speech level 12. "Quest completed, tell Johanka you can't help anymore." He’s an asshole, but I like him!”. Now walk over to the Insomniac and hand him the potion to complete this objective. This completes the objective. Filed Under: Game Guides, Kingdom Come Deliverance, Philip and hans are not in the room for me © 2008-2020, all rights reserved. You can then talk to Brother Nicodemus and he will now agree to go to the camp. Johanka at the Monastery infirmary is short-staffed and requires some help with her patients. Whenever i go to do this side quest so that i may continue with one of the siege quests, Johanka wants me to help the patients, but when i go to do so, only one of the NPCs for the quest are there, i do what he needs me to do, and then im told to go to johanka and tell ehr theres nothing else i can do. There are 5 people you need to help : I failed twice because both times I didn't know there was a timer. If not, you must pick “What about the Rattay Executioner”. Prepare oil, a handfull of poppy, one of thistle and one of herb paris. If you haven’t completed this side quest you must talk to the villager marked on the map and he will give you this quest. After curing the sick, Sebastian Vom Berg will enter the room. Then I just went ahead, saved the game and knocked him out (you know, strangling him while crouching) and whoosh! Now just to do it. Then go see the executioner in Rattay to learn from him how to fix broken legs (will be marked on the map). He is there. Once you have 10 bandages talk to Hans again. Failed: I didn't help the man with the broken leg in time and unfortunately … Multiple main quests lead you to her so odds are you trigger this by accident at some point. I spoke to Johanka and she told me I’d killed them but Nicodemus just tells me to talk to Johanka despite there being no option to talk her now, any clues? You need 10 bandages to heal him! I’m just going to kill Johanka. No the custodian has 20 speech and I have 21 still fail. the Bathhouse at Rattay Mill. I “healed” the patients apart from one who I couldn’t talk to. But now new bug triggered .. after finishing the bath with lord capon .. i cant talk to him anymore. Never had any issue with this quest. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. And cant talk to the broken leg guy and i went for father simon and cant talk to him aswell .. bugged quest. I learned how to set the leg and the guy has disappeared (but marker still on him), Philip died, AND the stablemaster at Talmberg pouts in his doorway and won't let me interact with him to start the horse race. The timer starts when you take the quest from Johanka, not before. After completing A Man of the Cloth bring the Artemisia Potion back to Philip in the infirmary. The quest is bugged. This can’t be right. After all other objectives are done you will get this objective. © Valve Corporation. You can either buy these directly from Nicodemus or loot the sacks to the left of the alchemy station. The fastest way is to buy it from Nicodemus (costs only 0.7 Groschen). Continue with the rest of the objectives and this will complete automatically at the end. Phial: Pick a phial (bottom left shelf) and use it on the cauldron to fill up the potion. Now all the patients except 2 are dead. She gets angry with me and claims i didnt do♥♥♥♥♥♥ and i fail the quest. This walkthrough will guide you through all objectives of In God’s Hands Side Quest, how to heal all the sick, how to brew Lullaby Sleeping Potion for the Insomniac, where to find Comfrey herb for Semek, where to find father Simon, and how to secure better conditions for the sick. But i still cannot get Nicodemus to come to Talmsberg. Unlocked this quest too soon, did not complete quest at that point as I was busy doing other quest. Failed. Set the broken bone in the man's leg. For a crying child use only half the dose. Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America),,, When done successfully it will say “You brewed Lullaby Potion”. Add the thistle and boil for one more turn. She gets angry with me and claims i didnt do♥♥♥♥♥♥ and i fail the quest. I’ll just KILL THEM BOTH. The remaining 7 can be bought from Nicodemus in the other room or if you have 10 in your inventory you won’t have to buy any. Pat my head and tell me “You’re a good boy, Henry! I noticed with city guards their speech increases the more often you get caught and try to persuade them. The quest is unlocked by talking to Johanka at Sasau Monastery. Pick dialogue “What’s wrong with the man with the bandaged leg?”. An easy trick is to drink a Bard Potion which temporarily boosts your Speech by 5 Levels for 10 minutes. To trigger their objectives you must talk to all of the sick in the Infirmary. Ask for help and then get mad when I save your ass? You will unlock In God’s Hands Side Quest by talking to nurse Johanka at the Monastery in Sasau. Comment document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "5665170100534a8ed0e5e83d8a99e165" );document.getElementById("f54c8e5a41").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time Trophy Guide. The goal of this side quest is to heal all the sick in the Sasau Monastery and improve their housing conditions. This side quest is needed to complete one of the optional tasks in the “Siege” Main Quest. Now complete it. In God’s Hands is a Side Quest in Kingdom Come Deliverance (KCD). My speech failed. Drop the poppy in the cauldron and boil for one turn. I've helped the inasomniac, gotten the supplies, given Johanka the meat but I can't talk to any of the other wounded in the infirmary! Go talk to Brother Nicodemus at the Alchemy Station (guy in black robe in the side room of the infirmary). Ask “Why are they so badly provided for”, “And the local Custodion?” to complete this objective. The author of this topic has marked a post as the answer to their question. Thanks for the tip! He keeps moving forward and then turns back and go the other way .. his second quest unlocks silver trophy though .. we should pray for a fixing update or no one will achieve this platinum buggy trophy!!!! Quest may or man not be bugged for players, if you cannot progress with the quest, speed time to 23:00 and stealth kill the wounded patients. Time to look through all of Sasau I guess... Ok, so I honestly think this quest is bugged, notice the three other unoccupied beds. You can use the alchemy bench where you talked to Nicodemus. Pick these dialogues: Now he will send food to the sick which completes the objective! 17 Feb 2018 05:16 . I will commit forcible unalive to you. Leave to cool and then add the herb paris. I had only 8 Speech but a Bard Potion, the Golden Tongue and Loose Tongue perks put my Speech at 16. All rights reserved. (Speech-Persuasion) Maybe because of Johanka? also thats not game breaking it doesnt effect the main story at all. I can't even speak to Johanka to begin the quest... so ♥♥♥ it. If you go to the man in cloth sidequest link above there is a pic of the map location to find him, just set a marker. I'm at the same point, I originally thought that I had to brew a ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ of lazarus potions to either give to the wounded or hand over to Johanka, but nope. Pick dialogue “A potion to induce heavy sleep?” and he’ll unlock the recipe for you. Now talk to Nicodemus and Johanka in the infirmary, they will tell you about Philip’s state of health and give a new objective to find Father Simon (dialogue “What happened to Philip?”). Now you must brew the Lullaby Potion at the Alchemy station right next to Nicodemus. Do not drink it often, though, or it may dull your wits. As I was riding through Merhojed a couple days later I failed the quest to find Simon; when I got back the poisoned man had died and the broken legged man was nowhere to be seen (though his quest marker was still on his bed). Yours must be well above his to succeed (there are reports that 13 speech is not enough, personally I had 18 speech and it worked). Your email address will not be published. I could still set his leg, but he won't get much benefit out of it. (Levels List), Interact with Alchemy bench, look to your right and pressÂ. Did you talk your way out of crimes with guards a lot while you leveled your speech? I had a save before I attempted so I reloaded and trained till I had 21 speech. At least I got some great rewards from the builder. © Valve Corporation. I checked out all the patients but forgot to heal the man with the broken leg (I have the perk). This is a timed quest. Ok, I might have found out why we can't complete the quest. Time Is of the Essence. There will now be a waypoint marker pointing you to Rovna near Skalitz. I'm 99,99% sure the 3 characters you mention are supposed to be lying in those beds. I loaded a save all the way back to when you wake up at Theresa's hut and then ran all the way to Sasau (that was fun btw...) and loo and behold the three guys where there. If you did too many steps wrong you must try again or reload the last save until you get it right. Every time I hand the comfry to Semek it automatically ends the quest for me, failing the objective and Johanka gets pissed because people died! Then you will be prompted to tell what’s her face there’s nothing more you can do, she will be pissed but this will complete the quest. That’s the only possible reason I could think of, just a guess though. So MAYBE the custodian is counted like a city guard here. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Okay, fine. Kingdom Come: Deliverance In God's Hands. If you already completed A Man of the Cloth Side Quest, you can find Simon in Rovna. Whenever i go to do this side quest so that i may continue with one of the siege quests, Johanka wants me to help the patients, but when i go to do so, only one of the NPCs for the quest are there, i do what he needs me to do, and then im told to go to johanka and tell ehr theres nothing else i can do. An easy trick is to drink a Bard Potion which temporarily boosts your Speech by 5 Levels for 10 minutes. Cool: Wait for the cauldron to cool down until the flame goes out. At the end, Simon will give you Artemisia Potion which you must give to Philip.

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